Together in Time

Time and distance aren't as we perceive them. Separation is an illusion. When I need you, I just have to remember you, and you are here. I reach for you, and we embrace. Love is here, spanning distance and time. We are not alone, and could never be apart. You are in my heart.
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Love & Loss

I love my hair: the burnt-auburn, thick, soft, straight hair that hasn’t receded. It keeps me warm and protected from the world.

I love my eyes: the sky-blue-at-dawn eyes that are usually relaxed and shining. They see things so clearly, and I still have amazingly accurate vision.

I love my nose: the straight, gently prominent feature of my face. The smells of the world are what I remember most.

I love my lips: the full lips that are so gentle to kiss. They hide my slightly crooked teeth, none of which have been removed or needed repair.

I love my tongue: the long, tasteful tongue that’s also gentle to kiss! The tastes I’ve experienced I hope won’t be lost to me.

I love my ears: the sensitive listening they provide, each with a central metal ring rounding out the large lobe. I’m grateful for the music I’ve heard among the noise.

I love my skin: the pale, freckled surface that’s soft to touch, bearing my rainbow tattoo. My sensitivity to feeling has not been dulled by callouses and scars.

I love my body: the thin, durable body that I’ve always had. How it has changed so little, yet by losing something, I’ve gained something else: tinny breasts!

I love my fingers: the long, delicate digits that I wouldn’t use to manipulate, but to enhance: the nails never scratching, the knuckles never hitting.

I love my heart: although it is imperfect, it loves unconditionally, and that love is never lost to time and distance.

I love my brain: although it is atypical, it gives me insight and wisdom. I am what I am because of my mind and the body that got me there.

I love my life: I’ve created a wonderful life for myself, with the help of everyone. I continue to learn and struggle to eliminate suffering in myself and others.

This will all someday be lost, just as I’ve lost you. I will become something else, and I hope it will be something good.
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If I could give you the world, I would, but true happiness comes from an understanding that nothing can provide you. You have to find it within yourself.

"Happiness is not a fish that you can catch." - Our Lady Peace

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Reasonable Gun Control

There needs to be a reasonable line between what kind of weaponry is needed for protection, and what is too much of a risk to society. I am all for restricting people's right to own weapons, if those restrictions are appropriate to make us all safer from such unreasonably dangerous weaponry, rather than a superficial and ineffective law. I'm not expecting a total ban on firearms in this country. I know that most people wouldn't want to use their weapons for criminal purposes, but that doesn't change the fact that sometimes those weapons could be used as such. I don't believe that wanting a weapon because it's cool or bring you enjoyment is worth the risk to the rest of us. There's too many gaps in our national laws, and it's too easy for irresponsible people to cause tragedies both small and large. There's a huge problem directly related to the kind and amount of weapons we have. Restricting and reducing those weapons to keep them in safe hands and keep them powerful enough for their intended purpose will be an important part of a larger effort to reduce violence and murder in this country. We are the most armed people in the world and we think violence is how to solve problems, meanwhile our education system is failing, and some want less healthcare coverage. It doesn't have to be every-solution-but-gun-control to deal with these problems. Countries like us that have better firearm laws also have better rates with such weapons. We must do better, and I can't wait forever for us to do it.

My right to life and the pursuit of happiness against someones liberty to own dangerous weapons.
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There are times when I feel that I don't have enough time, that every moment with someone is precious, because I know they are limited. I miss those times now, when it seems like all I have is time, and the precious moments are just a memory.
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I feel like I have a new perspective on life lately. For so long, I was fighting for life to be a certain way, and now I think I may be able to accept it as it is. This doesn't mean I'm not going to do anything new, but rather that I'm going to be more happy to do what I can do, and what works for me. I'm tired of living by other people's standards. Life is too precious to waste on trying to be something you are not. Now that my past is just a memory, I am learning to appreciate myself more than ever. I'm less lonely in the times I'm by myself, and less stressed in the times I'm around people. Sure, I may seem like I'm in my own world, but it's how I'm able to survive. I'm seldom adventurous or affectionate. These things don't make me a bad person. I'm a good person. I want to finally stop being depressed and feeling like I'm the one who needs to change. Rather, I need to change the world by being me.
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Election 2012

The biggest winners last night were the queer community, and women. My view of this country has changed, as I also changed, in the last 4 years. We won't go back; we are moving forward! I know in my heart this country will move forward, together. A more just and fair future is always in the making. Our ability to civilly disagree are part of what makes us strong. Life does get better, slowly. We just have to choose our own better nature, and not give in to greed. Change yourself, and you will change the world.