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Peace and Long Life
Blog of a vegan, straight-edge, Zen Buddhist, trans, lesbian, aspie...
To Offer My Hand
I may offer my hand, but every moment brings change. I will keep moving forward with those changes, even if it seems like I'm in the same state. A hand refused is not the same result as a hand never offered, and the result is different for both sides.

Mood: contemplative contemplative

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crifoter From: crifoter Date: June 13th, 2013 12:26 am (UTC) (Link)

Offering hands

You may recall I did not do so in the potholed dark winter parking lot of yips, sensing need for sense of respect of personal space/safety/ etc. was more important. Your independent nature generally precludes being helped, but I wanted/want to cheer for your bouts/efforts. Very ethical poly friends I met through my professor friend on OKcupid do a cheerful vegan backyard potluck dinner monthly in Delmar. Has me hunting for Vacon or Facon, to make right an authentic german potato salad; vinegar, onions, and something passing for bacon.
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