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Peace and Long Life
Blog of a vegan, straight-edge, Zen Buddhist, trans, lesbian, aspie...
I've been through a lot of challenges lately. I like to think that I'm always challenging myself to be a better person. However, most of my challenges come from dealing with things outside of my control, like other people, most commonly. I've learned to accept the realities that I can't change, so when I face negativity, I have learned to roll past it. I choose love over hate.

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crifoter From: crifoter Date: April 11th, 2013 05:15 am (UTC) (Link)

Dinner Next To Hellions, Bowling & Skating

Dinner at Browns earlier tonight had blocker table neighbors wearing Hellions stuff, almost twins with buzzed black haircuts, lotsa piercing both going 240 or so, one on crutches the other with a petite delicate friend. Pretty sure that descrip can place em. Sorry that dream didnt come true.. yet. Funny thing, one of my easily bothered party expressed slight annoyance at good boisterous laughter; I chuckled and suggested taking it up with them-non sequitor. Anyway bowled a 181 at EG last nite with a borrowed/given ugly 16# reactive resin asymmetrical core ball from Chatham; I love that place. Wicked hooks into the pocket. EG proshop drilling out the thumb and a resurfacing will get me there for respectable league play I keep getting invited to @ West Albany, EG and Chatham. Not quite yet; as this AM the rotator cuff was fairly annoyed, but feeling better now. Am skating up the plaza first noon it stops raining/after 4; old friends always have standing invitations.
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